A Dream Come True: The History of Giacomo's Pizzeria


     You may think Giacomo’s Italian Restaurant is just an ordinary family restaurant. Many do not realize that as you are sitting in Giacomo’s Restaurant about to indulge in authentic Italian food, you are really becoming a part of someone's dream that has been fulfilled and continues to do so.


      It all started in Sicily in a small town named Burgio where Giacomo was born. Although, Giacomo had an extreme love and passion for his country. There was always that one desire and dream that he held close to him, which was coming to the United States and buildings his life and future here.

    At the age of Twenty-Three Giacomo decided to turn his dream into a reality, learning his family and going where he would soon call home, America.


    Giacomo arrived in Queens, New York where he stayed with relatives. Within a few years, he started his first business, met his wife and began to build his new family. Thinking that his dream had finally come true, he now realizes that it was just the beginning. After five years in New York, he was given the opportunity to start a restaurant in Charlotte and become park of Carlo’s Italian Restaurant. Throughout his twenty two years in Charlotte, Giacomo and his partners, have had several restaurants. Becoming a part of the restaurant business is where Giacomo’s true passion for cooking and running a restaurant developed.


     Beginning a new chapter of the restaurant business, Giacomo and his new partner Salvatore Illiano bring you Giacomo’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant. Salvatore, also an immigrant from Naples, Italy arrived in the United States, leaving his parents and siblings in 1993, reaching the state of Virginia to pursue his American dream to bring his flavor of crispy Neapolitan pizza and pasta al dente, working as chef and manager at two Italian restaurants, where he met his wife. Finally after 7 years he had the opportunity to open his own restaurant in Concord, NC moving  with his wife to the area and begin to make their dreams come true. Sal soon opened Romano’s Pizza in 2000, and had it for over 10 years. Their two boys, born and raised in Concord, they feel like a part of this town making great friends between Concord and Charlotte.


     While sitting at Giacomo's Italian Restaurant, do not be alarmed if you hear singing in the kitchen,lots of laughter, or if they remember you by name, because that is their way of thanking you for being a part of the many blessings that life has brought. For there are three secret ingredients that this restaurant has in which not very many others have, and that is a handful of love, a sprinkle of happiness, and a slice of gratefulness


Thank You,


Giacomo & Salvatore

Restaurant Hours


Sunday, Tuesday - Thursday

11:00 am to 10:00 pm

Closed Monday

Friday & Saturday

11:00 am to 11:00 pm


Dinner served after 2:30 pm

Restaurant Location


10230 Berkeley Place Dr.

Charlotte, NC 28262

Phone: 704.971.7313

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